Cape Town May Be First World City To Run Out Of Water Due To Climate Change:

Clean Technica | By: Steve Hanley | January 22, 2018:

Cape Town, South Africa, a city of 4 million, is facing an existential challenge. It is about to run out of fresh water. Anthony Turton, a professor at the Center for Environmental Management at the University of the Free State in South Africa, tells the New York Times, “It’s not an impending crisis — we’re deep, deep, deep in crisis,” and climate change is the reason.

According to Quartz, unless city residents adopt widespread rationing to limit themselves to using no more than 87 liters of water a day — enough to take an 8 minute shower using a low flow shower head — the water supply will be exhausted by April 22.

87 liters leaves no water left over for cooking, washing, or flushing. The city will have to shut down the water supply by that date unless it rains before then.

That would make Cape Town the first major city in the world to run out of water for its residents…

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