Mark Zuckerberg Is No James Madison:

The Wall Street Journal | By: Paul Bergevin | March 20, 2018:

The Constitution was designed to constrain our worst impulses. Facebook encourages them.

One of the many conceits of the digital age is that so-called platforms are a new invention. In some respects they are. Built with computer code, powered by microchips and operated in the cloud, these digital building blocks did not exist until relatively recently. But in other respects, platforms are simply large aggregations of people coming together to search information online, shop or connect with friends.

Compare today’s platforms to the American Constitution: a large aggregation of citizens organized on the principle of self-government. As a work of design, the Constitution is a brilliant piece of architecture, an intellectual foundation that has stood the test of time. If James Madison were a software developer in a Harvard dorm room and not a Virginia planter, we might say he was a better coder than Mark Zuckerberg. The Constitution understands human nature. Facebook , dangerously at times, does not.

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Image Credit
Portait of James Madison by John Vanderlyn (1775–1852) – The White House Historical Association. the painting is in the White House collection. Image is Public Domain