More Than 800m People Need To Travel 30 Mins For Safe Water, Report Finds:

The Guardian | By: Jonathan Watts | March 21, 2018:

To mark World Water Day, NGO says accessing water is getting more difficult in world’s most environmentally stressed nations.

Water inequality is increasing in the world’s most environmentally stressed nations, warn the authors of a report that shows more than 800 million people need to travel and queue for at least 30 minutes to access safe supplies.

Despite an overall increase in provision of tap water, the study – the State of the World’s Water 2018 – charts the gaps within and between nations, as poor communities face competition over aquifers and rivers with agriculture and factories producing goods for wealthier consumers.

While recent headlines have focused on the drought in Cape Town, the NGO WaterAid, which published the report on Wednesday, noted that communities in many other regions have long been used to queues and limited supplies.

By far the worst affected country is Eritrea, where only 19% of the population have basic access to water. It is followed by Papua New Guinea, Uganda, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Somalia, all of which have rates of between 37% and 40%.

It is no coincidence that many of these nations have large numbers of refugees living in temporary shelters…

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