Plastic Odyssey ~ A Clean Vessel For A Clean Ocean:

Plastic Odyssey | March 13, 2019:

The first round-the-world expedition on a boat powered solely by plastic waste. Departure in 2020 for a 3-year expedition.

The Vessel:

Plastic Odyssey is a unique vessel that transforms plastic waste into fuel thanks to a pyrolysis unit stored onboard.

This oceanographic catamaran will be built by IMOS and operated by Ship-As-A-Service®, a maritime services company.

Eco-designed and built in France, the vessel will be chartered for Plastic Odyssey and refitted for the time of the expedition.

The Expedition:

The expedition planned is an around the world voyage over a period of 3 years, stopping at 33 main ports of call and covering some forty thousand nautical miles.

Key To Main Image:

1] Plastic Waste Crushing & Storage:

Recovered non-recyclable plastics (fine packagings, plastic bags, etc.) are shredded using grinders before being stored in the ship. A space of 20 cubic meters is dedicated to the storage of this future fuel, to enjoy the autonomy required for ocean crossings.

2] Plastic-To-fuel Unit:

Plastic flakes are converted into fuel by pyrolysis. This fuel supplies the generators that provide electricity to the vessel engines.

3] Solar Panels:

They provide the necessary energy for electronic equipment onboard and for the shredder used at each port of call to crush the plastic collected

4] Recycling Workshop Area

A panel of technologies will be embarked in order to either sort, recycle, or recover plastic waste into energy

To visit the Plastic Odyssey website to learn more – please click here.