40% Of India’s Thermal Power Plants Are In Water-Scarce Areas, Threatening Shutdowns:

World Resources Institute | By: Tianyi Luo | January 16, 2018:

Water shortages are hurting India’s ability to produce power.

New WRI research finds that 40 percent of the country’s thermal power plants are located in areas facing high water stress, a problem since these plants use water for cooling. Scarce water is already hampering electricity generation in these regions—14 of India’s 20 largest thermal utilities experienced at least one shutdown due to water shortages between 2013-2016, costing the companies $1.4 billion.

It’s an issue that’s only poised to worsen unless the country takes action—70 percent of India’s thermal power plants will face high water stress by 2030 thanks to climate change and increased demands from other sectors.

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