During the last 20 years the frequency and the magnitude of storms has increased rapidly. The reason of this increase is not as important compared to the fact the destroyed communities are increasing in numbers, and require rebuilding with increased frequency and magnitude. Rebuild we must and we will, but the destroyed communities do not have the financial means. The Insurance Companies when available are too slow to respond in real time. Global Project Engineering’s goal is to restart the communities in 2 to 3 years instead of the 5 to 10 years common today.

Global Project Engineering is offering to speed-up the rebuilding of small communities (with the least available financial means) worldwide, in rich and poor economies alike, in a holistic and coordinated manner (to create synergies) and applying sustainability principles.

HOLISTIC Global Project Engineering TURNKEY Project covers:

— Housing properties (fire & flood & earthquake resistant)
— Commercial properties
— Technical infrastructures (water & electricity)
— Internet high bandwidth connections
— Farming assets (agro-forestry)
— Forestry (incl. city street trees and city parks)
— Water catchment management
— Flora and Fauna re-introduction
— Emergency Fire response (storage of all necessary assets for fast response)

The rebuilding project will pay special attention to provide adequate facilities to facilitate the re-establishment of the community social life early-on. Access to property will be facilitated through a lease-purchase financial facility. Water usage will be optimized by creating (4) separate water networks : clean water, grey water, black water and storm water.

Global Project Engineering will fund regional Universities to monitor the rebuilding of the Ecosystem and the applicability of various sustainability strategies taking into account local particular conditions.

This project will engage the representatives of the concerned local community.

Further details are available on request

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