Global Project Engineering Group provides a Virtuous Circle for Industrial-Humanitarian Projects.

For our Sponsors, benefits include:

Leveraged Pure Finance to Hydrate Humanitarian Projects to benefit Industry and the Economy.
Produce returns to our Sponsors by funding Industrial Infrastructures.
Confidentiality as the natural outcome of using particular Legal Entities and Funding Syndication.
Full Accountability (Financial and Projects) as the result of 21st Century Governance standards.
Turn-key Humanitarian / Industrial Projects implemented with World Class Large Prime Contractors.

We focus on:

• Health and Wellness Humanitarian Projects
• Community Rebuilding and Ecosystem jump-starting after catastrophic events.

The New Humanitarian Paradigm ~ to increase Economic Response & Repair & Agility Capacity. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 10 Reasons to promote the Humanitarian Industrial Foundation Paradigm: (1) At over $ 100 Billion Plus, the Humanitarian Industrial Market exceeds the financial size of most industrial Markets. Most years the various humanitarian crises of multiple nature exceed the 100 Billion $ cost level. The true total size of this market is difficult measure because one must add the cost of losses which are not insured including food, vaccines, care of displaced population and so on. The cost of insured CAT Loses alone, in 2017, is estimated by Swiss Re to exceed $ 95 Billions not included the cost covered by Captive Insurance Companies. This $ 95 B is the cash value that Insurance Companies will engage, in 2018 alone, for Industrial work performed in the following 3 years or so. For reference purposes the Gates Foundation initial Capital is well in excess of $ 80 B. The yearly budget the US AID Agency is $ 19 B and the yearly budget of the World Bank is $ 2.5 B. (2) Only 1/2 of the cash collected is spent on the Crisis. In many ...
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Definitions : Wealth is defined as the ownership and control of something of value in the eyes of other humans. Money is defined as something which can be exchanged between humans. The Speed vector of money is the rate at which the items on value pass from hand to hand to create profit. The smaller amount of time an item is held, the faster the speed and the more wealth is generated. Health includes Wellness (not getting sick in the first place). Food includes Food Production through Agro-Forestry because Forest Management is essential to managing the water cycle. To manage the water cycle efficiently one must reason in terms of a Holistic Ecosystem approach to capture, store and reuse water multiple times. INTRODUCTION Speed is everything ! We do not manage pedestrians, bicycles and fast cars in the same manner. We do not allow pedestrians and bicycles in the middle of our fast roads. Why do we violate this logic daily, when trying to understand our democratic economy and ecosystem, and the means for a decent living for each citizen ? Without healthy consumers there shall be no capitalism. (A) BEFORE THE INDUSTRIAL ERA — The FOOD PRODUCTION ...
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