Please Note: Information on our Flagship Service is Proprietary and Confidential and will be communicated upon written request.

The contents of our reply will explain the particular nature of the following:

  • The Finance Foundation
  • The Project Foundation
  • The Project’s particular contractual arrangements
  • The Big Data management in near real time
  • The Satellite Map to display all the essential information, including Financial and Physical, in a readily understandable format.

Global Project Engineering – Bridging Public Communities & Private Enterprises:

GPE acts as a bridge, which facilitates the Public Entities’ duty to promote the public or community benefits of the Project, whilst simultaneously facilitating the profitable implementation of Private Enterprise’s involvement in the Project – over the short, the medium and the long term.

GPE offers whole term Project Focus and updates – which includes ensuring that the the full requirements of short, medium and long term Projects are met. This is an important factor to note, because:

  • Private Enterprise offers only short to medium term contractual engagements.
  • Public Entities are typically slow to implement innovative solutions, due to a complex budgetary system and being innately resistant to technological change.

Optimized functioning of Complex Infrastructures require the synergy of various fields of multidisciplinary human activities which, currently, are rarely treated as part of a holistic whole.

Achieving those synergies will produce a manifold increase of the benefits for collective health. For example, acting on the Water Ecosystem as a whole can transform a water shortage and rationing situation into a water surplus over the long term – even in a desert climate.

When implementing Projects, GPE will fund fundamental research and continuously evaluate applications, in order to assure that the best and latest technology is used over the long term.

GPE will ensure the Transregional Portability of all of our Projects’ Solutions with a goal of long term viability.

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