Health Services are a basic Human Right, yet in many areas of the world, including developed countries (Europe, USA …), too many families do not have access to full Health Services when needed because of cost.

Global Project Engineering is offering funding participation in Humanitarian Health and Wellness Services worldwide through access to a specially designed very large fleet of full-service Hospital Ships called Dolphins of Mercy.

Design for the Ships is based on a complex Industrial Project including research on:

• Ship building
• Electrical propulsion generation and storage
• Medical diagnostics
• Medical robots (smaller & lighter)
• Epidemiology database
• Medical staff training
• Secured satellite communications
• Electronics
• Logistics
• And much more ….

Global Project Engineering will also develop a fleet of modified Airbus A-380 and or Boeing B-747 to act as specialized airborne clinics and supplement the land side geographical reach of the Hospital Ships.

Global Project Engineering will direct funding towards a large amount of a continuous research effort (decades long) with World Class Research Centers and Universities incubators.

The Medical Training Universities will particularly benefit from special funding and scholarship support in order to prepare the Medical Students (who will become the medical staff on the Hospital Ships) to use the same latest technology available on the ships.

Global Project Engineering will manage the Humanitarian funding research (different from the industrial products research) with an “open source” access vision. It is expected that the Industrial Prime contractors will volunteer to fund their part of the industrial products research in order to control the use of the new patents. The Funding contribution from the Industrial Companies own Foundations will further expand and diversify the overall funding syndication base.

Further details are available on request

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