The detailed Mechanics and Metrics of this Project are part of a GPE Proprietary process discussed elesewhere.


The Covid pandemic has had a disrupting effect on the Global Supply Chain with a long term change of paradigm.

The various Governments compensated for the economic effects of the freedom of movement restrictions by distributing free cash more or less. This loose monetary policy was not sustainable and had only a momentary effect since the paradigm change requires long term support over 10 to 15 years.

A long term monetary support is not feasible without changing the Industrial cash generation paradigm itself.

The Central Banks themselves introduced the required monetary stimulus in the financial system and strengthened the markets by buying corporate stocks and bonds (inflating the Central Bank Balance Sheet).

The Central Bank actions are not sustainable and selling the stocks and bonds portfolios will depress and or crash the markets.


The Ukraine Crisis followed the Covid Crisis immediately.

The economic effects of the Ukraine crisis are due to the economic impact on Global Commodities Supplies disruption in particular Food and Energy.

The USA Government followed in lock step by the European Block have pushed under the Chinese Economy control close to 20 % or more of the world Oil and Gas supplies.

This shift will strengthen the Chinese economy and at the same time weaken the European Economy with negative ripple effects on the US economy in the form of out of control inflation breaking records (already in evidence).

In the short term the Chinese economic losses due to a weak exports to American and Europe economies will be compensated by the increase participation of the Chinese consumer. The Long Term will be framed by the Economic Policy responses of the various blocks.

To counter out-of-control inflation the Governments lack effective and non destructive tools.

The western conservative Central Banks preferred policy is to increase interest rates and drain the money supply which is expected to produce an economic “Hard Landing” (in other word a crash).

In the past Governments reacted to such catastrophic economic situations by imposing World Wars and global destruction.


(Described in all details elsewhere)

The GPE project offers a non destructive Keynesian solution out of the double crisis current situation.

In Keynesian terms the GPE project will increase the consumer pool and empower the consumers to easily counteract and isolate themselves of the inflationary effects whatever the level.

The GPE project is using the Humanitarian Industry and introducing a very large Research & Development component with effects similar to the NASA Model used by President JFK.

The GPE project on the spending side uses an ITunes Model ($1 repeated a Trillion times can equal Trillions).

The GPE project model uses no cash transfers to consumers but gives the ability to the consumer to effect purchases electronically from a selected and controlled large Vendors base.

The increased consumer demand will allow Industry to invest in new production capacity locally (not Globally) and the new Supply Chain will gradually move to its optimum point in a natural manner.

The GPE project on the funding side will tap the unused capital capacity in the Humanitarian economy (Foundations Private & Families) and dormant funds as well as corporate foundations participation.

Hedge funds will facilitate Global Liquidities Management.

No Government participation is required.

No increased monetary supply is needed since all the transactions are done electronically.

Note that we are not creating a new currency since the right to purchase is not transferable.

The GPE project will not give away cash since it is the repeated viewing of diverse Educational Modules (1h modules) beamed directly to the participants computer via satellite which will give the purchasing power (The Scholarship).

The amount of the Scholarship provided to each individual can be tailored to the local conditions on a daily basis if and when desired or local economic conditions so require.

The GPE project is unlikely to increase inflation.

The Raw materials are the Acquisition of Knowledge which has an infinite supply at zero marginal cost.

The Supply Chain is electronic with infinite capacity and already in place.

The Motivation to participate and earn the GPE project Scholarships is very high.

For the socially less advantage they are after the Essentials of Life such as no Hunger and no Poverty.

For the socially advantaged Greedy consumption driving for always more is the prime motivator.

The GPE project is designed to serve all Humans from all origins and Languages from 7 years old to 77 years old.

Anyone with a PC and iphone (NGO’s provided if required) qualifies.


Jump starting the economy with infrastructures will take 3 years study and approval process plus 3 to 5 years (for a total of 8 years or more) to implement before results are visible.

GPE Speed is 3 months for launch & start then 6 months for the first visible and measurable economic and social results.

For Global results expect 1 year to 2 years.

This extreme speed is possible because no prior Government or Bureaucratic approval is required.

The supporting infrastructures like satellite galaxies and computer systems are already in place. Legal and Management Models have been extensively used for the last 50 years.

Initial funding and staffing is on standby.

All comments are welcomed


Dr. Michel Nesterenko
Global Project Engineering
Geneva Switzerland

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