A State of the Art Vision of Diversity and Inclusiveness

In The Context Of A 21st Century Marshall Plan


Focused On:

  • Direct to small Home & Villages (Local to Global Reach).
  • Tele-learning via Satellite direct to PC.
  • Scholarship support (no cash — GPE Proprietary Process)
  • Knowledge & Understanding (NO Rote Learning)
  • Content focus on (How to do):
    • Tech / Ecosystem / Humans / Nature

GreenRebirth (3F)


A Network of Scientific Laboratory Facilities,
Focused On Sustainable:

  • Food & Water
  • Fauna & Flora
  • Mangroves & Plankton & Krill Hatchery
  • Non intrusive Mobility
  • Plastics Remediation


World Class Standards:

  1. Institutional Humanitarian Funding
  2. Multi-Years (5 to 30 years) complex and secure Banking support
  3. Pay Taxes for Community enhancement and support
  4. Start small and Local then Grow to National and Global Reach
  5. Turnkey simplicity means no approval required and no delays
  6. World Class Governance
  7. Outsourcing to large Prime Contractors & NGOs
  8. State of the art DATA METRICS Process (GPE Proprietary) for near real time (collected on site) economics and population measures (no privacy concerns)
    1. World Class analysis:
      1. DATA METRICS for Inflation avoidance on Local and National Levels
      2. DATA METRICS to advise on status of economics dynamics