We Provide World-Class Product Support, Maintenance And Technology Transfer Services:

There can be no sustainable development and technology usage without appropriate training.

For complex infrastructure systems like the water and energy grids, advanced training is required to keep all technologies operating properly.

After sales product support is a simple matter in the industrialized countries with high performance infrastructure networks, but product support in isolated regions or regions without infrastructures is a different matter.

Therefore we provide highly effective Technology Transfer Training and world class Advanced Experiential Learning & Development Services

For the last 20 years Global Project Engineering has refined an evolutionary training system which has been well tested in the high tech environment of civil aerospace. This training system works well even in low infrastructure environments.

This training plans for the step by step transfer of knowledge and empowerment of local personnel. This process was successfully started in some regions 30 years ago. The first stage is focused on training the operator, the second stage is focused on module maintenance, the third stage is focused on setting up a local industrial base and factories.

Level 1 – The Process Transfer:

The first level is focused on training the system operator in normal and degraded modes of operation. In this training the operator learns to identify and confirm precisely failures. A standard exchange program is set up so that the final user is not inconvenienced. To achieve this goal repairmen and repair shops must be set up close to the operator/consumer with the associated logistics.

Level 2 – Transfer of Knowledge, Skills & Competencies:

The second level is focused on locating the failures at the electronic module level, or subsystem level, in order to perform a quick standard module exchange in specialized repair shops. This capacity will lower the cost of after sales product support and maintenance and offer a much faster response time in fixing failures. This stage is the beginning stage for a successful “technology transfer” and setting up a local industrial base.

Level 3 – Technology Transfer:

The third level is focused on technology transfer and the setting up of local factories. The training at this level must provide the knowledge and technology to repair systems at the component level. This level requires the cooperation and support of the industrial group which designed the system. This training will increase the presence of the industrial group inside the country which will facilitate the winning of more business and to upgrade the already installed system which generates even more revenues.

The 3 levels represent a normal growth pattern. Each level, separately, will also grow over time. Large industrial companies are usually not organized to offer training outside their own technology which make the training they can offer incomplete in less developed regions.

Global Project Engineering offers a complete choice of training courses at the national, regional and local levels in association with world known expert training schools. The training offered by Global Project Engineering is within the context of the Contract Security Services

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