5 Maps Show How Important Indigenous Peoples And Local Communities Are To The Environment:

World Resources Institute | By: Katie Reytar & Peter Veit | GPE – January 03, 2018:

Indigenous Peoples and local communities are some of the best environmental stewards. Their livelihoods and cultures depend on forests, clean water and other natural resources, so they have strong incentives to sustainably manage their lands.

Originally published December 20, 2017: Today LandMark, the first global platform to provide maps of land held by Indigenous Peoples and local communities, released new carbon storage, tree cover loss, natural resource concessions, dam locations and other data layers that shed light on the environment in which these lands exist.

Now anyone, anywhere can view and analyze indigenous and local communities’ environmental contributions and identify threats to specific lands.

Five maps illustrate just how critical indigenous and community lands are to the planet…


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