Electricity From The Road Surface:

Touring | By: Juliane Lutz | February 2019:

Traditionally the only function of the road is to ensure the mobility of its users – however that is now changing as the road surface is being converted into a provider of electricity.

At the helm of the ElectRoad start-up, Oren Ezer and Hanan Rumbak, from Israel, pursue two ambitious goals: to revolutionize electric mobility and drastically reduce the environmental footprint of public transport.

To achieve this, they plan to install copper cables in the as-phalte, connected to the public electricity grid. This device would allow the buses to recharge by induction throughout the journey, the underbody of each vehicle being equipped with a receiver coil ensuring the energy transfer without contact.

A better market for public transport, this power supply system via the roadway has another major advantage: it reduces operating costs. The recharging is continuous, it is no longer necessary to equip vehicles with heavy batteries. And a light vehicle consumes naturally less energy: “Our technique contributes to significantly reduce the cost of public transport, at a lower level than diesel vehicles and traditional electric battery,” says Oren Ezer.

The argument convinced the Israeli bus company DAN, a new partner of ElectRoad, and seduced the Ministry of Energy. A pilot experiment will take place in Israel.

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