Clean Technica | By: Guest Contributor | February 02, 2018:

Here’s the deal: The Trump Administration is working to repeal (and possibly replace) America’s Clean Power Plan. Backed by powerful oil, coal, and gas companies, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt claims the original Clean Power Plan design overstepped EPA authority. But the move to repeal and replace the plan is really about protecting Big Polluters’ bottom lines at our expense.

We know that the Clean Power Plan is good for our planet. The plan aims to significantly reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions from US power plants – one of the top drivers of the climate crisis.

And we know that the Clean Power Plan is good for our economy. EPA originally estimated that cutting power sector emissions in this way would lead to public health and climate benefits worth an estimated $34 billion to $54 billion annually in 2030. Then there’s the fact that the plan would also help accelerate the renewable energy revolution underway across the country and grow jobs in the green-tech sector that already employs over 3 million Americans.

But did you know that the Clean Power Plan would also have major benefits for our health?

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