Jeunes Patriotes Congolais | GPE – March 21, 2018:

The video (in French) presents the work of Jérôme Munyangi, a Congolese Physician-Researcher based in Maniema for the purpose of finding a healing plant that will be effective against malaria.

A team of Democratic Republic of Congo doctors, Jerome Munyangi and Michel Idumbo, conducted large-scale randomized clinical trials in the province of Maniema with the participation of some 1,000 patients infected with malaria.

The trials were conducted in accordance with WHO procedures and compared Artemisia annua and Artemisia afra with ACTs (Coartem and ASAQ).

For all parameters tested, herbal treatment was significantly better than ACTs:

  • Faster elimination of fever and parasitaemia, absence of parasites at day 28 for 99.5% of Artemisia treatments and only 79.5% for ACT treatments.
  • A complete absence of side effects was evident for plant treatments, but for the 498 ACT patients, 210 had diarrhea and / or nausea, pruritus, hypoglycemia, and so on.
  • Efficacy was equivalent for Artemisia annua and Artemisia afra.
  • More importantly is the observation of the total absence of gametocytes after 7 days of treatment with the herb.

This gives great hope for the eradication of malaria.

The results were shared with local health authorities and the DR Congo Ministries of Health and Research who supported these trials.

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