From Tree-Planting Drones To Shade-Grown Tea ~ Businesses Are Making Money By Reforesting The Planet:

World Resources Institute | By: Andrew Wu, Sofia Faruqi, Andrés Anchondo Ortega and Eriks Brolis | GPE – January 23, 2018:

An estimated 15 billion trees are cut down each year—more than 41 million per day. Given this pace of land degradation, it’s hard to imagine how traditional reforestation methods, which rely on the hand-planting of live seedlings, could ever keep up. BioCarbon Engineering offers another way—a device, no more than two feet in height, that has the potential to plant 400,000 seeds per day—150 times faster than hand-planting carried out by a human.

BioCarbon’s mission is to counteract land degradation by reforesting landscapes at an industrial scale using specialized drones that can restore lands at a rapid pace, firing pods containing nutrients and seeds into the ground. (See video above).

This approach requires innovation—the drone hardware to fire seeds effectively, the mapping software to optimize planting patterns, and the plant science to maximize survival rates and improve biodiversity.

That innovation requires investment. So while trees offer numerous benefits to society and the environment, BioCarbon isn’t doing this just to feel good. It recognizes that restoring degraded land is a growing business. The company is currently working on projects in Australia, Canada, Myanmar and the UK.

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