How Enterprises Can Better Combat Advanced Cyber Attacks:

RSA Conference | Blog | GPE – January 17, 2018:

Numerous relatively recent cyber attacks have successfully breached organizations that should be the cyber world’s equivalent of Fort Knox – exceedingly hard to penetrate. Yet as the infiltration of systems at the likes of the Security and Exchange Commission, National Security Agency and credit bureau giant Equifax underscore, no entity is immune from hackers.

Why is this so, even as cyber defenses at so many places continue to improve? The answer is that software security is a complex, chronically evolving challenge. It cannot be addressed solely by cutting-edge technology or by hiring more cyber pros. Cybersecurity is a continuing journey, and like any journey one replete with ups and downs. Indefinite fixes – let alone quick fixes – do not exist and never will.

Organizations must fight the ongoing prospect of cyber attacks like an army would fight a major war, learning from mistakes, experimenting with fresh tactics, and embracing an ongoing commitment to intelligence gathering. Losing battles along the way is highly distasteful, but a necessary price to pay to ultimately come out on top.

The Good News

There is good news, however. The cyber defense arsenal is evolving and getting better, and additional advances are in the works…

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