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With the emergence of the Benign Globalization process we are witnessing the rise of regional and local empowerment and involvement.

The USA Regions and States, for example, are showing a great cultural diversity and are seeking increased administrative independence.

The same is true for the European Union where the different states are protecting their local identities which they inherited through a long historical process.

Within each state we are witnessing a great attachment to the local and historical way of doing things, as we can see in Brittany, in Corsica, in Scotland, in Wales or in the German Landers. Likewise in Africa the Regional identity trend is strengthened by a local speech which is gaining an audience.

This Regional and Local mindset which is very much alive is affecting international contracts and the implementation of large infrastructure projects.

Is it conceivable that a company wishing to build a train line or large water works in California, would only get the approval of the US Federal President in Washington, without paying any attention to or obtaining the approval of the Governor of California?

Is it conceivable that on-site work can proceed without delay if the local elected officials have not been duly consulted?

The same reasoning is true for Europe and also in modern Africa.

To speed up the approval process of large projects at the 3 levels:

  1. State
  2. Regional …and
  3. Local

Global Project Engineering offers a choice of political and administration services which will strengthen each other.

The success of Global Project Engineering relies on its extensive network of High Level Associates which are the decision makers for each relevant level, local, state and or region.

To speed up local approval and involvement in order to minimize the resistance to works which could be perceived as changing long standing customs (which could create project delays), Global Project Engineering will identify Technical and Social compensations which will offer the best quality/result ratio.

All offers from Global Project Engineering are made to meet the most strict international and national regulatory requirements while taking into account the regulations’ evolutionary process. This regulatory compliance is assured at all times with our network of Law Firms.

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