Circle Of Blue | By: Brett Walton | GPE – January 29, 2018:

The proposed halt to operations in 2019 at the West’s largest coal-fired power plant could attract White House attention.

Originally published February 23, 2017: Since 1976 the 2,250-megawatt coal-fired Navajo Generating Station, with its three towering stacks belching thick plumes of steam, has commanded the summit of a high bluff close to the Colorado River in northeastern Arizona.

The icon of western electric power has served for more than four decades as a vivid embodiment of American engineering ambition. The plant challenged the desert by joining water, fossil fuel, and pumping technology in a powerful union that slaked the thirst of Arizona’s farms and cities, and sustained a prosperous economy.

That happy marriage, which for decades was seen as pragmatic and strong in the American West, is now breaking apart…

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Photo – Navajo Generating Station – By: Eflon via FlickrCreative Commons