Water-Related Risks Strand $Billions In Energy, Mining, Power Projects:

Circle Of Blue | By: Keith Schneider | GPE – January 16, 2018:

Droughts, floods, and civic opposition cause huge losses.

Originally published April 28, 2016: In early November 2002, six years before Lehman Brothers melted down and the American economy came much too close to collapsing, John Cassidy wrote a prophetic article in the New Yorker magazine on ominous trends in U.S. home mortgage financing.

Cassidy, one of the top U.S. financial journalists, reported that softening housing prices, easy lending practices, and wage earners taking on more debt than they could possibly afford “could also mark the beginning of something much more serious.”

More than a decade later economists and financial analysts are again identifying powerful signals of economic distress, this time in the energy, mining, power-producing, and farm industries.

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