Wall Street Journal | By: Bart Ziegler | November 12, 2022

Potential EV buyers, afraid of running out of juice, want to make sure fast chargers are widely available. Three experts offer their solutions.

As the car industry plans a major rollout of electric vehicles, the project faces serious gridlock: There aren’t enough places to charge the vehicles, but there aren’t yet enough
customers to justify a widespread expansion of charging stations.

What can be done to get things moving?

The Biden administration has set an ambitious goal: Half of all vehicles sold in 2030 must be zero-emission, and 500,000 charging ports must be in place to service them. But experts put the number of chargers much higher. To accommodate all those new vehicles, they say, more than a million new ports will need to be installed in public places over the next eight years. Currently, there are only about 150,000, not counting the 11,500 or so in Tesla Inc.’s private network, according to EPRI, an independent, nonprofit energy research and development institute.