The True Nature Of Water

There Is A Lot More To Water Than You Might Think… | What Is Water? When we are first introduced to the subjects of Physics and Chemistry as children, we all learn two simple things ~ namely: 1) The Chemical Composition of Water, 2) The Three Physical States of Water. We learned that: In Chemistry: One molecule of water is composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen – which is represented by the chemical formula of: H2O – And we learned that: In Physics: The three physical states of water are: 1) Solid (Which we find in Nature in the forms of: Ice, Snow and Frost) 2) Liquid (Which we find in Nature in the form of Running Water) 3) Gas (Which we find in Nature in the forms of: Vapor). When we learned some of the basic tenets of Biology, we learned that: Water is essential for Life on Earth. Generally speaking, that was just about all we learned about The True Nature of Water… Read More