Mr. Ray Murray:

Mr. Ray Murray – Executive Director Global Training


Ray Murray is the Founder & CEO of True Nature Enterprises LTD, based in the UK and Sweden.

A former Police Officer & Police Duties Instructor, since 1990 he has worked in the UK and abroad as a pioneering educator in the field of Globally Responsible Business Development.

Further Information:

Ray Murray is the Founder and CEO of True Nature Enterprises LTD, which is registered in London, England. The business mainly operates from ‘home-bases’ in Devon, England and Bredsjö, Hällefors, Sweden – right in the heart of wolf, bear, lynx and moose country. The business tagline is, “Recipes For Success & A Better World”. The term “recipes” in that tagline refers to the main areas of work in which this new enterprise will operate – namely:

  • Research
  • Education
  • Consultancy
  • Insights
  • Publications
  • Experiences
  • Solutions (for a better world).